Employer Expectations

Employer Expectations

Even though technical skills are primary requisite for each job but the below mention qualities make a candidate the covetted one by any organization in the long run!



Almost three fourths  of employers highlighted accountability as an essential characteristic when looking for new employees.

The individuals who demonstrate accountability most effectively are those who go beyond the requirements of their job description, take additional responsibility  and/or attempt to improve the current situation in any way they can with the overall mindset being to improve the productivity. 



Perhaps unsurprisingly, adaptability was chosen as essential by majority of employers .

Those candidates who can genuinely display the flexibility and ingenuity to rise to any challenge they face, have a flexible approach and respond positively to everything with calm or optimistic outlook, will automatically increase their employability. 



Whatever position you’re in, having a sense of trust in others around you is vital for a harmonious work environment. So almost all of employers chose trustworthiness as their next essential characteristic when recruiting. Trustworthy employees automatically  create longevity within the workforce. 



Almost all organizations still feel that honesty  is the best policy.

As honesty is inevitably linked to accountability and trustworthiness to a certain degree, adopting it as an integral part of your mindset and being able to practically display it, is crucial. It doesn’t have to be too blunt, just a few words to display your morals are in the right place should be more than enough . 



Finally,  the most important trait for successful jobseekers is commitment. In fact, majority of all employers said that this was absolutely essential for all team members and potential hires.

Commitment  has an exceptionally powerful effect. It provokes trust and earns respect. When it’s missing, it’s almost impossible to replicate or attain belief from any level of work.