Executive Search


Mindskills includes a dedicated Executive Search division which is committed to a providing a professional Search and Selection service. Using our highly successful research process, we are able to identify, engage and attract the people you need to deliver  for your organisation's objectives.

Headhunting is effective as it targets both 'active' and 'passive' candidates, thus maximising the exposure of the vacancy to the relevant individuals.

Our Executive Search service is typically employed by Companies who require that winning high-calibre candidate with a specific set of skills to enable them to hit the ground running. Often 'business critical' and confidential vacancies benefit from an Executive Search service rather than the traditional approach and Mindskills Executive Search have the headhunting expertise and enthusiasm to deliver on every assignment we work on.At Mindskills we understand and appreciate that there is a big difference between recruitment and executive search! As one will achieve different results when using different tools, i.e. a hammer versus pliers, recruitment and executive search achieve different results. So we first  understand what it is that needs to be achieved, and then only to decide on the best “tool for the job”.

Executive search is a specialized practice and has a very specific place and purpose. Purely from a cost efficiency point of view, it should not be used in areas where skills are abundant and where ordinary recruitment practices can be used effectively. We at Mindskills use Executive Search to achieve two goals

(1) Sourcing specialized professional skills with a high scarcity level  

(2) Sourcing the best senior level management/leadership skills in the market in order to fulfill the business’ needs on strategic level.

We aim  to fill a position with the best available person. We emphasize to  locate and recruit the best person, regardless of whether he or she is already employed or seeking a new position. This approach broadens and deepens the talent pool available to us and places the control of who should be part of this talent pool, squarely in the hands of the client company. To achieve this we employ specialized tools, resources and skills, such as business intelligence, market mapping, research skills, diplomacy, social skills and sensitivity on the one hand, and on the other hand, tenacity, negotiating skills and objective business judgment.

This is feasible at Mindskills  as we  understand and cultivate our own ability to read market conditions, trends, movement and fluidity in order to develop and manage effective talent acquisition and development strategies.

As the conditions in the global economy continue to place pressure on companies worldwide, the demand for agile and visionary leadership exponentially increases and only those companies that have the insight to apply foresight and to prepare themselves adequately, (i.e. shift gear, adjust, plan ahead, prioritize activities, etc.) will be able to achieve sustainability and financial growth. The times that we are in are asking for much more creativity, innovation and an ability to think outside of the box. So we at Mindskills nurture wise talent acquisition and management practices for the much sought after Executive Search with our innovativeness, competencies and vision.